Adh Mor Launches the Lastest Pocketsize Wireless Selfie Stick

The ultimate selfie stick by Adh Mor would give the users the best selfie from the most desirable angle.

What is a Selfie Stick? The Selfie Stick has been called the ‘hottest gift of the year’ by Good morning America and according to the Time Magazine it is one of the coolest invention of 2014. It goes without saying that a selfie stick is a must have for anyone who likes to take pictures on their smartphone. The latest release by Adh Mor is a sleek, sophisticated, foldable selfie stick which has a wireless connectivity. It would help one capture amazing selfies and videos from the best angles. Solo backpackers no longer need to ask a stranger to take a photo of themselves since the monopod selfie stick has been built precisely for that purpose. No one can take a beautiful wide angle shot of the mountain or the beach with the minimum hassle. This easy to use monopod has irrevocably changed the very nature of selfies.

A selfie stick isn’t necessarily all about you, it is a very helpful device which can be used for taking high or low angle shots and can even double up as a monopod. The selfie stick by Adh Mor is the most compact and light weight selfie stick one can find in the market. It weighs just about 4.2 oz and this 31.5 inches stick can be folded to a height of just 7.2 inches. It goes without saying that this portable selfie stick is easily going to fit inside any back, wallet or even the back pocket. It is easy to assemble and pack and it makes sure that none of the precious travel time gets wasted in assembling the stick.

No matter if one wants to show off the picturesque background, the room decor, their outfits or just capture a fun moment with friends and family at a restaurant, this selfie stick is a must have for any photo enthusiast. Any selfie fan surely understands the fact that taking a group selfie on a smart phone is an extremely difficult task. If one wants to include 4 or 5 faces in the shot then just the bare hands are not going to suffice. Taking a group photo becomes much easier with the Adh Mor selfie stick. This stick ensures that none of the members are left out in a group photo.

The Adh Mor selfie stick is made out of superior quality durable stainless steel shaft and unlike the various other selfie sticks available in the market, it also comes with anti rotation deep groves. The whole device is very lightweight so that one doesn’t need to strain their arms from heavy and cumbersome selfie sticks. The anti rotation deep groves ensures that your phone doesn’t get flipped or tilted  90 degrees to one side. Moreover the Adh Mor  selfie sticks also come with a knob to help the users attain the most desired angle of the smart phone. It also comes with a tight clip to securely hold your mobile device. In other words when one takes a selfie with this selfie pole it becomes more than picture perfect.

Travellers no longer need to carry around a cumbersome tripod wherever they go since the selfie stick is here to give you the best shots without the need of a large and heavy tripod. The Adh Mor Selfie stick would ensure that one gets to take their selfie, groupie or “Famfie”, easily without tiring. We have all experienced the situation where taking a selfie from a perfect angle becomes a real pain. The Adh Mor selfie stick would eliminate all such problems and give the users the best shots from the perfect angles. One no longer needs to lift up their arms for a long time to come up with the perfect angle. The selfie stick would allow the hands to rest while people can find the exact angle by just moving the stick around.

The cell phone mount of this selfie stick is silicone padded and spring loaded and has been specially created to resist scratches. The mount which opens to 3.2 inches is sure to keep even the heaviest of the phones absolutely safe. The mount is capable of rotating up to 280 degrees. It comes with a knob which can be tightened to secure the right position for the smart phone for shooting selfies. No one can easily shoot a selfie with the entire Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge on the background.

One of the major reasons of the immense popularity of the selfie sticks is because of the fact that it prevents the shaking of hands and blurring of pictures. By making use of the Adh More selfie stick one can greatly minimize the trembling of the hands. One no longer needs to worry about their smart phones slipping out of their hands while taking a selfie from a precarious position. The super strong cell phone mount of this selfie stick would always keep the mobile devices firmly locked eliminating even the slightest chances of a drop. The Adh Mor selfie stick even comes with an adjustable wrist cord so as to prevent accidental dropping of the stick. This implies complete safety for the expensive smart phones.

The automatic shut off feature of this stick ensures that you get to save power of your smart phone while the stick in not in use. The Adh Mor selfie stick also comes with a free pouch bag where you can stash your stick whenever you are on the go. A panoramic shot of the mountains, the sea or that of your city’s skyline would be all the prettier when taken with a selfie stick. The built-in remote button makes sure that photos can be taken easily with just one click. The Adh Mor selfie stick is compatible with all makes and models of smart phones including the latest models from Android and iPhone.

Where to buy a selfie stick can sometimes be difficult.  But Adh Mor will be making the best selfie stick available to the public on September 6, 2015 in Amazon.

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